About Tizzy

The Neitherlands Archives

In case you've wondering who this Tizzy guy is, although his title of Destroyer of Worlds and Eater of the Innocent should really suffice.

Salem's Witches

The Neitherlands Archives

A trio of amateur heroines battle an evil, lawsuit-happy science-fiction cult in the first novel in the Neitherlands series.

The Neitherlands Archives

Behold, the Archives!

Secret intelligence files from the Dominion are kept here. They’re supposed to be secret but, alas, the guard in charge happens to be drunk right now. So while you’re here, why don’t you help yourself to some top-secret files? We’ve heard some of them are locked behind a password, but it’s not like a measly password has ever kept those who really want information from obtaining it, or has it?

Open Section

No passwords here, none at all!

Salem’s Witches Excerpt (Chapters 1 and 2)

Salem’s Witches

Files related to that horrible case involving three vigilante women.

Beginner Assassins (Deleted scene)

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